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    High-speed operation self-cooling Hikari HX68S

    January 11, 2021

    "Fine, accurate and stable", the benefits of stepper motor control are well known. Hikari, who is leading the way in innovation, has undergone millions of adjustments. The HX68S computerized overlock sewing machine carrying unique innovations with Hikari characteristics. The patented technology is proudly listed.

    What new technology does it accurately solve the user's pain points?

    The slow response of thread cutting will affect the sewing speed. The sound of thread cutting is too loud and the high noise in the workshop will affect the production environment; the machine runs at high speed, and the motor is hot and easy to cause failures and reduce the service life of the machine.

    But in the process of HX68S's high-speed operation, the above “stubborn diseases” disappeared. It turns out that HX68S uses a stepping motor to control the presser foot lifting and thread trimming functions. Its patented technology makes the thread trimming faster and the sound is lighter. Especially when the thread is automatically trimmed in the front and back, the sound of the thread is not heard. , Can be said to be silent trimming. At the same time, it solves the hidden danger of the electromagnet lifting the presser foot for a long time ,prevented heating and weak.

    For high-speed motors, Hikari has installed a self-cooling patented product device, which allows the machine to always maintain a normal temperature under long-term high-speed operation, and solves the hidden dangers of a series of problems caused by overheating and overheating caused by high-speed operation.

    Hikari, which has always focused on new technology and automation, gives each product Hikari's "special effects", just for users to use it quickly and easily, and the more they use it, the better.