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    Precise needle gauge and pattern stitches, HIKARI H89S sewing quickly and delicately

    January 12, 2021

    For every additional pattern stitch, users will gain more competitiveness; the more precise the needle gauge, the better the sewing quality. HIKARI 89S series computerized lockstitch sewing machine, let the stepper motor control one step further, make the lockstitch sewing machine continue to lead the trend. If you want to design your own stitches and sew your own personality, HIKARI H89S can realize diversification of stitches and sew more creative stitches for clothing. If you want change the needle gauge, enter the value directly, and the H89S can immediately turn on the precise needle gauge you want. Factories no need to worry about the large errors caused by the needle gauge manual adjustment with different workers anymore.

    Not only that, the sewing speed of HIKARI H89S is faster and the efficiency is increased by 25% compared with the previous generation of products. On the way to realize faster and easier, HIKARI is always adopt new technology to pursuing better user experience.

    In terms of humanized design, HIKARI is dedicated to creating a comfortable working environment. H89S not only has a light sound, but also has a three-button multi-function switch button, only need one key operation, it can realize reverse stitching, stitch repair, and half stitch repair functions. The operation panel using capacitive touch buttons to make every operation more sensitive, so that every workers who uses the HIKARI machine can feel that the machine is easier to use.

    Facing the unstoppable trend of IOT, HIKARI equips H89S with an optional IOT technology package, so that IOT technology can not only become an instant application, but also a technical reserve to be applied at any time in the future and integrate into the future IOT technology; in terms of improving the sewing quality, H89S is also have an anti-bird device to provided for optional.