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    Double trimmer, Hikari H93S has more new technical function

    January 13, 2021

    Each mode has their new function, every stage production update step by step, every new mode from Hikari could give us more shock in sewing industry, and explore more function in sewing field.

    How about H93S? In fact, it could be intelligent control for needle gauge after using step motor, it could be accurate stitching for needle gauge, it could be improve 25% speeding effect from starting sewing, it could achieve condense function, it could make kinds of stitching, it could reverse sewing、adding stitch、adding half-gauge stitch and so on, it has more sensitive touch screen, and IOT & Anti-bird device for option.

    Any other different technical except the above function?

    The tail of trimming affect not only sewing quality but also working effectiveness. If the tail is too long, it should be hand cutting again and not beautiful, it’s terrible for user to bear. Because of this our H93S provide double trimming knife, only 3mm thread tail is controlled at final.

    Sealed oil tank, effectively prevent cloth pollution.

    With the praise words of “fast and easy” 、“more and more good using” by user, Hikari will work hard to meet higher expectations in the coming each mode.